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Causes for non-existence of world peace

Written by Dr Bikiran Prasad Barua, Bangladesh

There are many causes why world peace is off from the world. Some of the important causes are: increment of individual’s greed beyond limit thus trying to grasp the property of others; wish to rule over other countries thus forcing the country to surrender against the wishes of the people; trying to impose religious ideas against the will of the people through religious wars; the illegal business of arms and ammunition; to establish one’s supremacy on others; to satisfy one’s ego; personal enmity; aggressive violence, non- harmony among the communities and countries; fighting amongst
the different sects of religions; religious conflicts; intolerance among the political parties; military aggression; violations of human rights etc. In fact, there are many causes of the non –existence of world peace.

As there are many causes behind sufferings, we are to be rightfully aware of the causes of the non- existence of world peace. Among all these causes political conflicts are very important. Then come religious conflicts. Both of these conflicts lead to physical and psychological sufferings. General people become in secured generating fear, threat, cruelty, destruction of property, arbitrary executions, abandonment and marginalization, abuse, brutality etc. In Syria at present because of political and religious conflicts many people have become refugees leading the life of misery. Because of political conflicts, mistrust among the people is developing in many countries of the world. Political conflicts arise because of negative attitude towards the other party or misunderstanding between people with regard to their needs, beliefs or values. One can categorize the causes of political conflicts in the following way: power and control, ethnic and religious causes, economic causes, ideological and value difference, social causes etc. According to The Buddha’s teachings, the very cause of suffering is ignorance Everything starts from ignorance rather delusion which is to be overcome by wisdom. To achieve wisdom on a personal level and on the subject mentioned above is not so easy thing. But it is possible according to The Buddha. Nothing is impossible. It depends on our planning and sincere efforts.

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